Studio Kicks Training & Wellness Center

Martial Arts in Los Gatos, CA

Life-Changing Programs



Our children's Taekwondo and adult Taekwondo classes are action-packed! These classes will put a smile on your face! 


Cardio Kickboxing

You will feel incredible after each workout! Guaranteed to make you sweat. You will enjoy your classes with high energy and tons of fun!


Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Learn how to defend yourself on the ground! An excellent way to feel confident in any situation, or simply a great way to workout!

About Studio Kicks


The Best Martial Arts Studio in Los Gatos

Studio Kicks is the hub of the Los Gatos Martial Arts and Cardio Kickboxing scene. In fact, beyond Los Gatos, virtually all of the top-rated Cardio Kickboxing programs in North America teach the unique styles created at Studio Kicks.

What continues to set Studio Kicks apart from health clubs or other martial arts studios is the focus on simple, easy-to-follow moves, not fancy dance routines. Plus, the family-oriented studio offers a variety of training programs for all ages – geared toward everyone from fitness beginners and busy executives to serious martial artists and fitness kickboxers.

Known for its high-energy Tae Kwon Do, Cardio Kickboxing, Power Kickboxing classes, the studio also provides instruction in Total Body Conditioning, personal training sessions, hosts live DJ fitness nights, summer camps for kids, and sells attractive fitness apparel.