Zumba – Beats & Feet

Zumba Classes in Los Gatos, CA

Zumba and Beats & Feet Classes


A Latin dance workout with all the extras! At Studio Kicks, our Zumba is on steroids! You will laugh, sing and burn HUNDREDS of calories. We add current music, (Think Ed Sheeran) and Hip Hop to the playlist. No dance experience needed. We train and learn together! Come join in on all the action! See ya on the mats!

Beats & Feet

Come get your inner Rock Star on with this amazing Cardio workout. In this Class you will be Drumming and rocking it out feeling an upper body & lower body burn. Your ABS are going to thank you! We drum to all of your favorite songs. Good times guaranteed! No drumming experience necessary but you just might break out into a drum solo at any time after taking this class! Get ready to sweat, smile and ROCK!

***You will feel overwhelming Joy & Happiness after this class.***

The Benefits of Cardio Kickboxing

Builds Confidence

Take a selfie after your cardio kickboxing workout. You deserve it with the confidence you will build. 


Develop the stamina to go longer and keep up with your day. 

Look Good & Feel Great

The more classes you take, the better you will feel about yourself.

Weight Loss

Watch those pounds fall off your body. Get ready to lose fat, get tone, and sweat. 

Improved Focus

Watch your focus increase when you take our cardio kickboxing classes.


After a few classes, you will feel your ability to go longer and go harder increase.