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On-Demand Workout Classes in Los Gatos, CA

On-Demand Workout Classes


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Studio Kicks offers a great opportunity to get your workout in from anywhere! For whatever the reason may be, you can get your incredible fitness workout in with our on-demand workout fitness classes! Feel that burn, get those legs moving, wipe that sweat from your face, and feel motivated to workout. 

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The Benefits of On-Demand Workout Classes

Weight Loss

Watch those pounds fall off your body. Get ready to lose fat, get tone, and sweat. 

Your Schedule

You can work out on your own schedule and still get what you need to be done for the day. 


After a few classes, you will feel your ability to go longer and go harder increase.

Builds Confidence

Take a selfie after your cardio kickboxing workout. You deserve it with the confidence you will build. 


Develop the stamina to go longer and keep up with your day. 

Look Good & Feel Great

The more classes you take, the better you will feel about yourself.