Taekwondo Classes in Los Gatos, CA

Taekwondo Classes


Kid’s Taekwondo

Our kid’s martial arts classes in Los Gatos are top-tier! Don’t get us confused with kid’s karate classes in Los Gatos, we focus on Taekwondo. Our instructors help students achieve their martial arts goals they set. We believe it’s important to know your child one on one so we can help them to our best ability.


Adult Taekwondo

Our adult martial arts classes in Los Gatos will make you want to come back for more! Now, don’t get us confused with adult karate classes in Los Gatos, we focus on Taekwondo. As an adult, you will love how Studio Kicks provides a mental and physically challenging, yet seamless and smooth pathway to success.

The Benefits of Taekwondo


Respect will take anyone a long way in life. We focus on teaching respect. 

Better Grades

With an applicated system of learning, you will see better grades on their report card.


Develop the courage to achieve the goals you set so you can take on even bigger goals.


Learn how to take on any challenge with a clear mind and a positive attitude. 


With martial arts comes great leadership opportunities. You’ll love this benefit!

Feel Accomplished

Taekwondo will help provide a pathway to success. Feel accomplished while accomplishing goals.